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Working on a new project or development and can't seem to get it going.Let's collaborate. Just ask me how,like my friend Vicky did.We got together and within an hour we got her up and running on this new awesome Yamaha I found her.

   In the near future we will tell you how this worked into my patents.

Generate excitement

Like these Diamond Dixie Gals.Now if that ain't exciting,then I don't know what is.Tell us something exciting about what you do,we'd like to know? Say it here.Bascially almost all my work is on Acoustic Guitar Inventions,modifications and sound advancements that I have been working on.

   Believe me when I tell you,in the next few months you will witness some of the most amazing developments in this century.Quite frankly,the acoustic guitar hasn't seen any excitement in over 50 years for that matter."Until now".Hell,thats exciting Too.

Manufacturers and Licensing

Let our legal team help.

Ask us how to license our products and have it made under your on brand.

Just think of it,you do what you do best.All I want to do is give you the tools to take it to the next level.As you can see from my picture on the left,I do my share of tearing apart anything I can get my hands on.So,all are welcome.Give us a call 'cause who knows,I might be able to give it that something extra and make is Drop Dead to die for.


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